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- Adventure One -

Nobody understands Sly Fly, least of all other horseflies. In fact, they call Sly a “fly misfit” because he doesn’t bite horses as they do. Sly Fly just doesn’t fit in. Not to be discouraged, Sly and his unlikely horse friend, Gray Mare, hatch an ingenious scheme to keep other flies off of Gray.


ISBN-13 978-1-940224152

Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.2 inches

Published by Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC

Released October 19, 2013





- Adventure Two -


Something’s stirring at the ranch, and Sly Fly is out of his mind with excitement. If only he could convince Gray Mare to take part. In this second adventure of Sly Fly and Gray Mare, see how they work out their differences and bring a special gift to those around them.


ISBN-13 978-1940224503

Book Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inche

(Taylor and Seale decided on this narrower format to make it easier for a child to hold.)

Published by Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC

Released September 10, 2014




The Inspiration:


       One typical summer day on her ranch near Villa Grove, Colorado, Terri Hoffman swatted and sprayed and swatted some more, trying her best to keep hordes of bothersome flies off her horses. Her twenty-year-old gelding, Dusty, seemed to be especially sensitive to the annoying pests. Though he never complained, Terri felt sad seeing the painful-looking red bites on his thin hide. Exasperated, she said to Dusty, “Surely, God didn’t create all flies to cause misery and pain. There has to be a good fly somewhere in the world.” At that moment, Sly Fly appeared to her like a super hero.

     Sly Fly was born. 


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